Parkland Institute

The new Parkland Institute website involved a fairly complex rebuild on the NationBuilder platform. Not only did a modernized, streamlined, responsive website have to be built, but the organization had to collate several large lists of supporters, spread across several contact systems, into the NationBuilder "Nation" (database of supporters).

Parkland Institute Visit Site

After collaborating with Parkland on a strategy for importing and 'tagging' (describing different categories of Parkland's audience members' support of Parkland), we were able to produce a single database of contacts that is updated by visitors themselves with each new action.

The result is a streamlined website that goes beyond the previous site's vision as simply a repository for Parkland's research output, but a site in which the "asks" (subscribing, donating, and otherwise supporting Parkland) are never far away. Action pages tag visitors and link them to the kinds of actions Parkland wants visitors to take in the future, as well as indicating non-responsive members in the nation to be occasionally culled.

A parallel website for Parkland's annual conference, that matches Parkland's main site's look and feel, was created at